Asphalt Paving Contractor Services

RS Asphalt has been Austin's premiere paving contractor for more than a decade. We specialize in installing residential and commercial driveways, grading and repairing roads and other asphalt surfaces, and applying tar and chip to roads. Whether you need new asphalt paving or asphalt and pothole repair services, contact us at RS Asphalt for a free price quote. Our asphalt paving services include:

  • Asphalt Paving
  • Asphalt Overlays
  • Tar and Chip Application
  • Base Installation
  • Asphalt Grading and Repairs
  • Pothole and Asphalt Repair
  • Asphalt Sealcoating
  • Asphalt Striping
  • Residential Paving

Asphalt: Literally the Foundation of America!

Most people give little thought to asphalt even though they walk and drive on it every day. You might be surprised to learn that each year in the United States, each of the country's 3,500-plus asphalt plants produces upwards of 550 million tons of asphalt pavement. Almost all of our country's 2 million miles of roadways are paved with asphalt. You probably don't give asphalt pavement much thought, but consider how different our world would be without it! It would be far more difficult to get from point A to point B, from home to work, school, shops, restaurants, church, hospitals, etc. It would wreak havoc on the thousands of businesses who rely on our nation's roadways to truck their goods from the farm or factory to the warehouses and shops that distribute them.

Asphalt isn't a hip and trendy industry, but it's vital to virtually every aspect of our lives. RS asphalt is proud to be a part of the critical asphalt paving industry. RS is also proud to offer the highest-quality services, best customer service, and most affordable prices of any Austin asphalt contractor. Whether you are a residential or commercial client and need a minor pothole repair, new roadway installation, or anything in between, contact RS asphalt for a free no-obligation quote.