Benefits of Asphalt Paving

  • Noise reduction. Asphalt significantly reduces noise inside and outside the vehicle. Compared to concrete, asphalt surfaces generate 50% less noise, which is important to keep in mind when in need of paving for roads, parking lots, or driveways.
  • Safety. Asphalt keeps improving, and at RS Paving we keep our product up-to-date to keep our roads safe. We know how dangerous a south Texas road can be during floods, thunderstorms, or icy weather. New asphalt technology was designed for rapid dispersal and drainage of surface water; meaning increased visibility of road markings, less water spray from nearby vehicles, better skid resistance, and a reduction in the risk of aquaplaning. Asphalt is also more tolerant to extreme temperature changes than concrete. Another Texas quirk that makes our product the right choice.
  • Road maintenance. Asphalt paving is quicker than laying concrete. It is also quicker to fix, so it lasts longer and causes fewer delays. Drivers, cyclists, and strollers can hit the pavement as soon as our contractors leave the zone.  
  • It’s green. Living in the greenest city in Texas, asphalt paving is the obvious choice for your project. It is 100% recyclable and currently stands as America’s number one recycled product. The construction and maintenance of asphalt also creates less greenhouse gas emissions than similar materials.   

This all adds up to asphalt being a wise, economical choice for your paving needs. We keep our company’s overhead costs low and are proud to pass those savings on to our customers, making our asphalt services an even better bargain.


Want More Information?

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