MAC 52 Ultimate Asphalt Sealer

What's the key to protecting your asphalt surfaces from discoloration, cracks, and weather-related damage? Mac 52 Ultimate Asphalt Sealer! This sealant, created from a refined coal tar mixture is the effective way to protect driveways, parking lots, and any other asphalt surfaces. Asphalt that isn't sealed with a high-quality product will, over time, lose the appealing deep black appearance it had when freshly applied. Thanks to weather and oxidation, an unsealed surface will look dull and aged and will crack, stain, rut, and pit. The amazing thing about MAC 52 is that it not only protects surfaces, it revives surfaces that have already been damaged. When it's applied to asphalt that has seen better days, the sealant reinvigorates it and masks many imperfections so they're no longer visible. The result? A clean, attractive, new appearance.

MAC 52 adheres to ASTM D-5727 requirements, and meets all state specifications regarding refined coal-tar products, and his approved for use on government and military properties. If the asphalt surfaces at your home or business can benefit from the protection and beautification of MAC 52, call Centex Asphalt. Our friendly employees will explain how sealing your asphalt can lead to long-lasting, low-maintenance asphalt paving.