Tar And Chip

What Is A Tar And Chip?

A tar and chip seal is meant to complement your asphalt paving and increase its benefits. Like asphalt, it is an economical, environmentally-friendly choice for your pavement project, and RS has some of the most skilled paving contractors in Texas when it comes to installation.

Tar and chip is a type of surface treatment formulated to protect and prolong the life of your pavement. Asphalt, like any other outdoor material, is under constant exposure to the elements: oxidation, sunlight, rain, and frost, to name a few. It also bears a lot of stress from vehicle traffic, foot traffic, construction projects, and everyday wear and tear. Tar and chip sealant is typically applied when the asphalt begins to show signs of wear.

Benefits of Tar And Chip

There are many reasons customers choose to seal their asphalt pavement with our tar and chip sealant. Here are just a few:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Greater traction
  • Perfect for driveways
  • Small cracks and imperfections go unnoticed
  • Excellent weatherproofing
  • Protects from the elements

Tar and chip even carries the added bonus of having a unique look. After spraying a hot, rubber-based mixture (tar) on to the asphalt, your paving contractors will immediately spread a layer of stone chips on top. Here is where the beauty comes in and the environmentally friendly label is secured. Chips are typically made of recycled materials and there are countless options to choose from – pick the aesthetic that appeals to you, and that makes the most sense for your plan. The chips are then rolled flat onto the rubber-based mixture, allowed a short time to cure, and your new tar and chip pavement is ready for use.    

Its low maintenance is also a key feature our customers love. A tar and chip seal will last up to 10 years before needing to be re-surfaced. In fact, small cracks (the precursor to big cracks) typically repair themselves. The nature and texture of the pavement makes the cracks unnoticeable, therefore retaining its beauty, and allowing the stones in the sealant to settle and move into the cracks when the tar component heats up in the sun. This makes tar and chip a perfect paving solution for our south Texas climate!


Want More Information?

If your asphalt paving is in need of repair or resurfacing, contact RS Paving today to discuss more of the benefits and specifics of a tar and chip seal with one of our specialists who will be happy to set up a free quote and consultation.